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What my children are reading...

One of our favorite things to do together is to cuddle on the couch and read books together.  Marcus sits on one side of me and Sophia sits on the other.  As I finish one book, Sophia will jump off the couch and go and pick out another one.  (Marcus leaves it to her to choose the books we read.) 

These are just some of the titles that Sophia brought for us to read this week. 

I am using these blog posts to help us keep track of the memories we create while reading and snuggling together.  I also hope that these book lists will help you to find some wonderful books to add to your home library.  I enjoy reading all of these titles as much as my children enjoy hearing them.  They are all high quality children's books...and as I always say:  Life is too short to read cruddy books! 

You may see some of the titles repeated from week to week.  As Sophia and Marcus like to hear some stories over and over again.  Remember, they are picking the titles listed here.  Not me!  So essentially, these are books recommended by Sophia (2) and Marcus (3). 

We Help Mommy*
by Jean Cushman

We Help MommyThis little golden book was mine when I was a child.  It is illustrated by Eloise Wilkin who is one of my favorite children's book illustrators.  In fact, we even framed prints from this book to display in the kid's play kitchen room.  This is a very cute and nostalgic book.  Plus I love the "help mommy clean" propaganda message.  ;) 

A Child's Garden of Verses*
by Robert Louis Stevenson
We also read some selected poems from this book.  We have the copy illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.   

The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree by Stan and Jan Berenstain*
The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree (Bright & Early Books(R))

This was by far the most popular book with the kids this week.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I read this book 15 times in just one day!  They just kept asking for it over and over again. 

This book is great because it has rhythmic and repetitive text.  It tells a very cute story and definitely keeps the children's interest.

The Berenstain Bears Get the Noisies
by Stan and Jan Berenstain
The Berenstain Bears Get the Noisies (Jellybean Books(R))This was a book the kids checked out of the library.  They saw the Berenstain Bears on the cover and got excited.  I didn't enjoy this book near as much as the one listed above.  However, the kids thought that it was really funny and asked to have it read to them over and over again.  They seem to really enjoy books where the kids are being "bad".  They think they are hilarious.  

Tikki Tikki Tembo Retold by Arlene Mosel
Tikki Tikki TemboThis is the story of two brothers.  The youngest son's name is Chang which according to the story means "little or nothing."  But the first and most honored son's name is Tikki Tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo which according to the story means "the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world".  However, Tikki Tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo's name gets him in trouble when he falls into a well.  It takes so long to say his name that it is a long while before any help is able to get there.   This story is told under the guise of being an ancient Chinese folk tale.  However, the story is much more similar to the Japanese folktale Jugemu.  Regardless of its original origins, the story makes a delightful read aloud.  The kids giggled delightfully as I said the ridiculously long name over and over again. 

The Teeny-Tiny Woman by Paul Galdone
The Teeny-Tiny WomanOh, how I love books by Paul Galdone.  I love how he has taken so many classic stories, fables, and folktales and given them new life through his illustrations.  His illustrations are so full of detail that a child is sure to find some new thing every time they read the story.  However, what I like best about his books is that he keeps the stories true to their original form.   He doesn't try to modernize them or make them more politically correct. This particular story is a VERY fun read aloud.  It is an old English ghost tale, but it is much more funny than it is scary.  It would be a great book to bring out around Halloween.  However, Marcus is very fascinated with things that are scary but not too scary.  :)  So he enjoyed this story very much. 

Poems and Prayers for the Very Young Selected and Edited by Martha Alexander*

Poems and Prayers for the Very Young (Pictureback(R))This is a very sweet book for little children full of beautiful verses and prayers.  You will probably be very familiar with many of the poems collected in this book.  It includes classics from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Robert Browning.  It also includes many more moderns poems that are sure to be enjoyed by young children.

Pooh Goes Visiting by A.A. Milne, Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard

Winnie-the-Pooh Story Box: "Pooh Goes Visiting", "Eeyore Has a Birthday", "Tigger is Unbounced", "Piglet Has a Bath" (Winnie the Pooh)Sophia loves Winnie the Pooh.  I am  not sure she gets all of the humor.  However, she enjoys the illustrations and the stories.   This is the story where Pooh visits Rabbit and eats so much that he can't fit out Rabbit's door.  So  he must wait until he gets thin again. 

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion*

Harry the Dirty DogThis is the story of a little dog who doesn't like to take baths.  So one day when he hears the water running in the bath tub, he hides the scrub brush and runs away from home.  He becomes so

First Tomato:  Voyage to the Bunny Planet Book by Rosemary Wells*

First Tomato: Voyage to the Bunny Planet BookThis is a very cute book.  We read this in honor of harvesting our first ripe tomato from our garden.  If you have never enjoyed a "bunny planet" book, I highly recommend that you check them out.  In the book, Claire the bunny has a very bad day:  She only is able to eat three spoons of corn flakes before spilling the bowl; she gets snow in her shoes; and she is the only girl at school who can't do a cartwheel.   So she escapes to a place called "bunny planet."  Bunny planet is a place where you can go and live the day as it should have been.  There she spends a summer day with her mother in the garden.  She picks the first ripe tomato from the garden.  Rosemary Wells does a wonderful job of describing the what it is like to pick the first ripe tomato from the garden:

"It smells of rain and steamy earth and hot June sun.
In the whole of the tomato garden it's the only ripe one.
I close my eyes and breathe in its fat, red smell.
I wish that I could eat it now and never, never tell."

Sophia also brought me these books and "read" them to Marcus and me.  Although she can't read yet, she has heard them so many times that she is able to tell her version of the story.  

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown*, **
Goodnight Moon

Corduroy by Don Freeman **
Corduroy (Book and Bear)

* indicates a title that is part of the Sonlight P3/P4 reading list.
** indicates a title that is part of the Before Five in A Row (BFIAR) reading list.

For more ideas on books for children, check out:


Tony Rugare said...

Keep it up Cathy! Reading will have great rewards in the years to come.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! I am amazed that you put together such a long post. Some of the books are familiar to us, but I am going to check on a few others in the library. We are just now discovering Paul Galdone, but my daughter is the opposite of Marcus and hates books that are even remotely scary. We got his Gingerbread Boy this week and it was expelled from her room.

Rikki Kreger said...

I love Eloise Wilken's illustrations! I have Baby Dear and one on kindergarten from when I was a child. I like your blog--some great activities on here!

Anne said...

We have a child's garden of verses on the shelf from my childhood, but don't get it out too much because there is no such thing as "selected verses" in my son's world. It's all or nothing!


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