Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marcus and Sophia painting this morning

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sophia's Birthday Dress

I once heard it said that when it comes to parenting the days are long, but the years are short.  I find that saying especially true when it comes to my own journey through parenting.

On April 17th, 2010 my little baby girl will be turning two.  I can't believe that is happening so soon.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms at the hospital.

Sophia is very aware that she is having a birthday.  She is most excited to have a cake with candles on it,  and of course, presents!  She told me the other day that she wants a Winnie the Pooh party and a pink scooter for her birthday.  (Marcus has a red scooter that she has been coveting for quite some time.  So I think that is where the idea came from.)  

For her birthday, I sewed her a Winnie the Pooh dress to wear to her party.  I call the dress Pooh in Patchwork.  ;)

The skirt of the dress is a patchwork print of Classic Winnie the Pooh scense, yellow, light blue, and plaid.  (This is a modification to the original pattern.)  I also added a ruffle to the bottom.

Sophia likes the dresses twirl factor and rates it "two pacifiers up!"  Here you can see her extenstive twirl testing process. 

Pattern Review:  The dress by designer Sandi Henderson and her Portebello Pixie boutique patterns.  (This is the Party Dress from the Analise pattern.)  I can't rave enough about all things Sandi Henderson.  Her fabrics are gorgeous and her patterns are the best out there.  Period.

Why are her patterns the best?  Well, everything about them is top notch.   The instructions are very well written and in FULL color.  (Love that!)  She also has all of the steps fully illustrated which is great for us sewers who like to cheat and not actually read the instructions.  Her pattern features full size pieces (LOVE that!) and the pattern is printed on nice, thick paper which is easily traced.  She also has tons of full color inspiration photos which show various samples of dresses and skirts sewn with this pattern.  (I love that too!) 

This dress has a very cute back option that is finished by a sweet little bow.  Very creative design, and I think it makes a perfect dress for a little girl.  She can wear it with a long sleeve short in the winter.  And on hot summer days, she can wear it as a jumper.

Most of all, I hope our little girl knows how much we love her.  It has been a wonderful two years with our baby.

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