Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beco Babycarrier Makeover and Nursing Cover

Hi There Everyone,

For those that don't know, we are expecting our third child sometime in September.  SO--I have been doing some sewing/nesting in preparation. 

The first thing on my list was to find a way to spruce up my old Beco 4G babycarrier.  Marcus and Sophie pretty much lived in this carrier from the time they were babies until they were as old as 3 or 4.  It had seen a lot of use to say the least.  The straps were faded, and I had sort of fallen out of love with the fabric.

Here are the before pictures of the carrier:


And here are the after pictures:

 I starting out trying to dye the carrier with rit dye in the washing machine.  I was trying to re-darken the faded, black straps.  That didn't really do much.  (Just made a mess in my washer!) I probably should have used a better type of dye, but I was impatient and just wanted to get this project finished.
Here is me doing my "Vanna White pose" with the baby carrier.  I always feel like such an idiot getting my picture taken for these sewing projects.  :) 
I had some gorgeous Japanese fabric in my stash that I was going to turn into an apron.  (Echino for all of you fabric nerds.)  However, I figure I need another apron like a whole in the head---so I used the fabric to recover the carrier.  This was actually amazing fast and simple to do.  I just appliqued the new fabric over the old...and voila...a new looking baby carrier.  (I like this new fabric so much better!)

I had enough fabric left over to sew a matching nursing cover.   

Here's the matching nursing cover.  As you can see, I only know one "Vanna White" pose.  You can also see that I haven't gotten around to weeding much this pregnancy. 

Thanks for looking!


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