From time to time I will discuss my personal opinion on various products that I use.

Unless specifically stated,  I have NOT received any products or money in the endorsement of these products.  I have not been paid to review these products.  I have not been given any free samples or anything.  I have spent my own hard earned money to buy these products, and as such I think that I am a very critical reviewer!  I also promise my readers that the ONLY reviews I will agree to do will be reviews where I am free to give my honest opinion about a product.  I will not agree to review a product where I am obligated to give a positive review. 

From time to time I may provide a link to a product sold on Amazon.com.  I am an Amazon Affiliate which means that I get a VERY small fee if you happen to click on a link and purchase a product from there. You do not have to click on these links, but if you do I very much thank you.   Any money received through the Amazon affiliate program will go towards more products for me to review, showcase, and talk about on my blog. 

Thanks very much for reading my blog,

Cathy aka The Attached Mama
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