Monday, July 5, 2010

A is for Alligator

 Here is a cute Letter A craft that was inspired by this post.

To make this craft--

1)  Gather your supplies:
You will need:
Construction paper,
Safety scissors,
Glue Stick
White craft foam (or white paper in a pinch)
Googly eyes,

We used green and blue construction paper, and "reptile" colored tempera paints in green and yellow.

2)  Draw the outline of a letter A on a piece of green contruction paper.  (If you want, you can draw two triangles where the eyes will go.)  Allow your child to paint the letter any way they want.

3)  Allow the paint to dry and then cut out your letter A. 

4)  Glue your letter A onto another piece of paper.  

5)  Decorate your letter A.  We used yellow googly eyes at the top.  And then we used white craft foam for the teeth.

6)  Display your alligator proudly!  



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