Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sensory Play: Things are always so much better with friends

PART I: Goop with a Group!
We had so much fun with our feelie goop recipe before, that we decided to invite some friends over for a special "Goop Playgroup". Marcus was very helpful with setting up for the playgroup.

First we put some dry cornstarch into a shallow dish and let the kids feel the powder between their fingers. Sophia especially loved to slap her hand into the dry cornstarch to create a puff of powder into the air.

After experimenting with the dry cornstarch, we mixed in some water. This created an awesome substance with some unique physical properties. Here is a picture of the kids mixing their goop.

Next we got out the food coloring.

Marcus discovered that mixing red and yellow created a vibrant orange.

Sophia mixed a bright green color.

Our friends really enjoyed playing with the goop too. I think the adults enjoyed playing with goop as much as the kids did!

More Fun Goop Shots:

PART II: The Water Table
The kids also had a blast practicing pouring and transfering in the water table.

This was a sneaky way of washing their hands off in a fun way!

PART III: A beach in my backyard?
We also opened up the wading pool and sandbox. These were big hits with the kids.

Other Fun Moments:

Two friends rolling on the grass. "Doesn't this feel great!?"

Snuggling with Mama on the Bench all covered in Goop.

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