Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun with Sponges!

Here is how we experimented with sponges the other day:

-Different color sponges cut into various shapes
-Two Bowels
-Water and Soap

First I brought out two bowels. One was filled with soapy water and the other was empty. Then I showed the kids several fun shaped sponges.

Sophia and Marcus examined each Sponge and we talked about what shapes and colors each sponge was. (Marcus still does not having his shapes down...but we are working on it!)

Then we did some comparisons. First we felt a dry sponge. I noted that the sponge was hard and small. Then, we dipped the sponge in the water. We noticed that the sponge got bigger and became softer. We talked about how the sponge was full of water.

Next, we learned how to "squeeze a sponge out". I picked up one of the wet sponges and SQUEEZED out the water from it. Then they gave it a try. They laughed and giggled to see all of the bubbles it made when you squeezed a sponge out.

Finally, we used the sponge to transfer water to the empty bowel. We would dip it into the full bowel to get it wet, then take it over the empty bowel and squeeze it out. This is an excellent activity for kids to do because it uses many of the hand's muscles to do a squeezing movement.

Extra Credit:
Life Skills- Marcus used the sponge to practice wiping off our garage floor. Man, it needed a good cleaning! Thanks Marcus!

Who knew you could learn so much from a sponge!?

And in case you are wondering...
As soon as Sophia learned we were going to be doing something with water, she insisted that she wear her sesame street raincoat. It was very funny.


Jolene said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to get some sponges and let my kids use the shapes as stamps with paints. Thank you for the inspiration

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I really like this! Great idea - thanks!

The Activity Mom said...

I really like the sponge experiment! So much can be learned from that! Sometimes I get so caught up in guiding B through activities I forget to just let him experiment. Thanks for the idea

Carisa said...

Thanks for linking up to my intro post!!! I love the sponge ideas, I know my kiddos would love it too!!!

;) Carisa


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