Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Box Collages

Busy at work on their Valentine Boxes:  here they are showing me their hands covered in glitter glue
Today Marcus and Sophia are participating in their very first Valentine exchange.  For the special event we had to create some very special Valentine's Day boxes.  I really wanted the boxes to be something Marcus and Sophie created.  So, we decided to decorate our boxes "collage style". 
Marcus busy at work decorating his Valentine Box
Sophia busy at work decorating her Valentine Box
 To create your own collage boxes you will need to wrap a small box in white paper for your child.  We used a paper roll that goes to our easel, but you could use white packing paper or whatevever you can find to serve as a "base" for your collage.

Then, provide your chid with lots of fun collage supplies:
Some ideas are:

1)  Washable Paint (We used Red, Pink, and Purple)
2)  Glitter Glue (And LOTS of it!)
3)  Foam cutouts in various shapes (We used Hearts and Flowers)
4)  Red, Pink, and White pom poms
5)  Feathers
6)  Printed vintage valentines.  (Just print and cut out!)  You can download and print those for free from here.

This craft was really special to me because Marcus and Sophia put a LOT of work into decorating their boxes.  I mean, they probably worked hard on them for about an hour in DEEP concentration.  They made heavy use of the paint and  foam shapes.  But most of all, they made use of the glitter glue!!  I made the mistake of putting about 20 tubes of glitter glue on the table.  (Can you tell I like to buy in bulk?)  Well, the kids used all TWENTY glitter glue tubes.  These boxes have so much sparkle that I am not lying to you when I tell you that they took a full FOUR days to dry. 
Using her mouth to open the glitter glue

I know that these boxes may not look as "fancy" as some of the other V-Day crafts you see on the web.  However, in my humble opinion, I think they are the mot beautiful creations out there.  Why?  Because they were made with loving care and attention by my two special Valentines!  

Sophia's finished product

Marcus's finished Valentine's Day Box


Wonder Mom said...

Four days to dry? HILARIOUS!!!! (Little Wild Man often attacks projects with glitter glue with the same gusto...)


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