Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Day Crafts

Marcus and Sophia also did their own share of craft projects for Valentine's day.

They made several homemade valentine's for their Nana and Papa.

To make these, I cut hearts out of craft foam. The kids then glued them onto some paper heart dollies. We then attached "googly" eyes and the kids drew a mouth and some eyelashes. (Yes, those are mouths and eye lashes in case you couldn't tell!)

The other thing the kids made were heart mobile's. I cut some hearts out of plain white card stock. I then gave the kids some red and white tempra paint and various tools to pain the hearts. The results were pretty cool. We ended up with some really cool swirled textures on our hearts.

To finish up the hearts we cut some photos out of an old 2009 family calendar. I then had the kids pick which photos they wanted to paste to the hearts and where they wanted to paste them. They really enjoyed getting to sort through the old family photos and putting them on their hearts. The kids also got the idea of gluing some red and pink pom-poms to the hearts.

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