Sunday, July 7, 2002

Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection - Letter Ll

Welcome to the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection!
The Attached Mama's Alphabet Craft Collection
This page was created specifically for LETTER Ll crafts.  Both upper- and lowercase LETTER Ll crafts can be posted to this page using the Mister Linky tool at the bottom. 

To see a master list of every letter and to learn more about the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection, please return here.

How to participate:
1)  Post your LETTER Ll craft to your blog.  After you have posted, copy the exact link to your craft (aka the permalink) and paste it into the Linky Tool at the bottom of this page. 
2)  Make sure you include a link in your blog post back to the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection.  Feel free to use our button by copying and pasting this code into your blog post:


Julie said...

I was really excited when I saw this website; however, after looking at it, I am just confused. You say you have a collection of alphabet crafts and/or activities, but no matter what letter I am looking at, there is nothing listed on that page except for instructions on how to post a link. This is very disappointing and frustrating.

Cathy said...

Hi Julie, you didn't leave an email address, so I can't reply to you. Currently, at this moment in time, there are crafts for every letter of the alphabet. This letter (L) has 19 different crafts. If you are not seeing that, then I think you may be having technical issues on your end. Make sure your internet browser is running the latest version. Then, try to clear your cashe and refresh the page.

Leslie said...

I love reading, I love blogging, and I love comments! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful day!



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