Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hummingbird Apron

Here is a brand new apron made for a friend of mine.  My friend came to me with an apron problem, and needed some help solving it.  She has lots of cute aprons at home, but none of them are giving her the coverage she needs.  You know me, I love an apron challenge, so I was so excited to work on this project! 
You see, my friend is a very domestic woman.  She grows a lot of her own food and is very active in the kitchen.  She also has four small children.  So not only did she need an apron that would be beautiful, she needed an apron that would be functional as well.  While wearing her other aprons, the tops and sides of her shirt were still getting messy.  She also needed more coverage on the back so she could wipe her hands on her hips.  (I can so relate to that last point!)

While searching the internet, my friend came across this apron here.  She thought this might be the perfect design to give her the functionality that she needed.  We both thought that apron was amazing.  However, my friend decided that she wanted a bit more shape and definition in her apron design. 

After trading nearly 20 emails back and forth, we worked together to create this apron here.  And I think we came up with the perfect solution: 

As you can see, the apron has a very high neckline and wide shoulder line.  This will help give her the coverage that she needs.  This apron is also a workhorse apron.  All pockets, straps and seams are TRIPLE reinforced.  This apron, while beautiful, will stand up to little children tugging on the straps and as many washings and drying as she can put it through!

My friend gave me almost complete reign on choosing and coordinating the fabric.  (Which is a lot of fun for me!)  She told me that her favorite color is red and that she also likes owls and birds.  I thought that this fabric would be perfect for her.  I choose this fabric because it is a very modern fabric and color scheme.  I think that gives a new take on the nostalgic design of the apron.

The back is very cool if I do say so myself!  ;)  It has two straps that come down and attach to the waste.  This will help hold the apron top in place so that it won't ride down, up,  or slip.  (Another problem she was having with her other aprons.)  As you can see, the apron also gives plenty of coverage to keep the sides of her pants clean while working in the garden and kitchen.
As with all of the aprons I sew, I made the ties completly reversible.  Many homemade aprons only have the ties hemmed.  I personally do not like that because the wrong side of the fabric shows when you tie them.  (Pet peeve of mine!) 
I also made the straps extra long so that they could be tied in the front or the back.  (I personally like the ease of tying my apron in the front, so I try to build that into everything I sew.)

Well, thanks for looking! 


Eliza said...

I absolutely LOVE this, good job mama!!!

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Great design!!

I have a beautiful apron but I would love one that fits my body and my needs a bit better. Maybe we should start emailing. ;)

the amazing jelly fish said...

I am desprately trying to get a pattern for this exact type of apron.. not quite smock but not tie around the neck either.. (cause i hate those they kill my neck and shoulders)
Any way you could share with me the pattern/instructions?


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