Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God Hates These Chairs!

We stored some outdoor furniture on our deck over the winter. One of the chairs was stored upside down. When I turned it over, I realized that the arm rests were deformed and warped from the ice inside of it.  

Marcus and I had the following conversation-  

Marcus: Mommy, what happened to our chair? 

Me: Well, somehow water got inside of our chair when it rained. Then, over the winter the water froze and turned into ice. When water freezes it expands which means it gets bigger. And when it expanded, it caused the chair to change shape.  

Marcus: (stares at the chair for a second thinking) Why did God do that to our chair? God must really hate these chairs! i know, maybe that chair is bad.

I didn't expect to get into a deep philosophical conversation about lawn furniture...but you never know where the conversation will go when you are talking to a three year old. For now, we will all be avoiding the "bad" chair. ;)


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