Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tot School: Our First Post of 2010

Tot School

(Sophia is 20 months old and Marcus is 37 months old.)

We had a great week of playing and learning this week!

Enjoying Nature/Nature Study:
We had a lot of snow here, so we spent a good portion of our week outside playing. We each received a sled for Christmas so we plan to be outside a lot this year!

The kids both learned how to make a snow angel. And they learned how to "hold on tight" as they went down the hill sledding. I was very impressed that Sophia was able to hold on to the sled all by herself. (The "hill" we went down was more of a small bump in the grass than a real hill.)

We also talked a lot about "footprints" in the snow. We noticed that Daddy had the biggest footprints and Marcus and Sophia had the smallest footprints. We also found some footprints made by our cat Spock. And some footprints made by a VERY large bird. (We were not able to identify the bird.) Marcus found the footprints in the snow very interesting, and was sad to see that they were gone when more snow fell.

Dramatic Play:
We also played inside a lot with our new Christmas toys. Sophia had a "coffee party" for her dolls. You can read more about that here. The kids also enjoyed playing with their new Haba Nativity Set. Baby Jesus went on all kinds of adventures all through the house while Marcus played with him. Marcus even had his Buzz Lightyear fly Baby Jesus around the room and rescue him.

Sensory Play / Open Ended Art:
We also made Streeee-e-e-etchy Dough. The kids had a lot of fun exploring that medium. You can read about that fun adventure here.

Well, that's about it! Happy 2010 and Thanks for reading!


Rachel said...

Sounds like a great week!

Could the bird footprints be from a great blue heron? When I worked at a wetland site near your house in high school we observed a few nesting pairs of herons. Their feet will be 3 - 4 inches in length with toe spread like a chicken.

Cathy said...

Thanks Rachel! I took some pictures of our bird footprints and I will post them. Maybe someone reading this will be able to identify them.

Our Little Family said...

Ohhh, just clicked on the link for the Haba nativity set and that looks AWESOME!! I really, really like it. Glad you guys had a fun week! :)

Anonymous said...

oo what a fun week! The stretch dough sounds fun. I loved the footprint story!

Our Little Family said...

Hi Cathy! As for stickers... Yes, there is an easy way for those little fingers to peel stickers off the paper. I, almost always, peel the backer OFF the stickers, which leaves only the backer paper AND the stickers. That way, Maddie can just work on getting the sticker off and not trying to bend it or manipulate it so that the edge peels up.

I'm not explaining very well. Ha. Basically, peeling away the background. Does that make sense? It's opened up windows of opportunity for Miss Maddie because she feels independent and it still IS a good exercise in strengthening those muscles.

sbswtp said...

How fun that they liked the snow!!! Ryleigh is not so into it... Sounds like there was a lot of fun to be had :)


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