Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sophia's Tea Party...or should I call it a Coffee Party?

Sophia had a little tea party the other day. It was so cute to see her pretending.

On the guest list were Builder Bob and his date Princess Belle.

Also in attendance was Baby Lucy. Baby Lucy is Sophia's favorite doll. (I think because she also has a pacifier in her mouth!)

Instead of serving tea at her tea party, she decided to serve coffee. Even Baby Lucy got a nice hot mug of coffee. I laughed at this, but I guess it is what she sees Mommy and Daddy drink out of mugs most of the time.

She also baked cookies for all of her guests. She put on a pot holder and each time she opened the oven she said, "Very, Very HOT! Very, Very HOT!" (Hmmmmm.....I wonder if she has heard this warning more than a few times while mommy works the oven?)

This photos are incredibly blurry because they were taken using my iphone. I had to act quick in order to capture this moment, so I grabbed the first thing near me capable of taking pictures.



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