Thursday, July 8, 2010

Introducing the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection

I love using crafts to teach letter recognition and beginning word sounds.  There are so many great ideas out there in books and online.  I usually stumble upon them by accident while I am surfing blogs.  However, they can be difficult to find by themselves since they can be referred to by so many different names (Letter crafts, ABC, Letter of the week,  the specific letter, etc. etc)  I never know what to search for. 

So I decided to start compiling these ideas into one collaborative collection.  I call it...

The Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection
The Attached Mama’s Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection

The purpose of this collaboration is to collect all of the wonderful alphabet crafts on the web in one place.  This will allow us all to share ideas and inspiration, surf other blogs, and show off our children's art work.  :) 

 How is the Collection Organized?
A separate page has been created for each letter of the alphabet to make it easy to find a craft for the letter you are looking for. 

You can see a master list of all of the Alphabet Pages and read more about the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection here.

How can I add my blog to the collection? 
Just visit the specific Alphabet page that corresponds to your craft.  Then use the Linky tool to link your blog.  It is very easy. 

Now...just to get the creative juices flowing, here are just some of my favorites alphabet crafts online:

P is for Pig from The Sellers

C is for Caterpiller AND Circle from Delightful Learning

V is for Violets in a Vace from Counting Coconuts

C is for Crab from Homeschool Creations

O is for Ocean from Walking by the Way

And of course, no alphabet craft collection would be complete, without a special homage to two wonderful sites:

Totally Tot's Now I Know My ABCs

I hope that these ideas help inspire you.  Most importantly, remember to enjoy these precious years with your children. 

Thanks for reading!

For more ideas on learning with very young children, please visit:
Tot School, and
Pre-School Corner.


Counting Coconuts said...

Hi Cathy! Wow – I’m flattered that you featured our violets in a vase letter craft – thank you so much! I think your collaboration is a wonderful idea and I’ll gladly link up the letter activities we’ve completed thus far and I'll add your button to my "blog carnivals" post. So good of you to create a list like this – it’s very helpful!

Counting Coconuts

Stefanie said...

I love that you did this. I saved it on my tumblr site so I can always find it easily.

Thanks so much!

Carisa said...

WONDERFUL idea!!!!

Unknown said...

Love this idea! We do something similar.

Kelly said...

cute!! Great idea! I will link up at some point I am sure!!!


Our Family for His Glory said...

This is so fun to see your list- it is great- so many wonderful, cute ideas!!

Unknown said...

This post has been selected as one of my top posts of the week. Here is the link:

Lindsay said...

Thank you for the great inspiration for letter crafts! I linked to you on my blog -!

Shaheen said...

Loved the idea...thanx


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